Text "Emanation" 2018
Aleksandra Miljkovic Between the poles of materiality, mythical history, actuality and spirituality the land- and seascapes of Thorsten Alexander Kasper evolve out of interplay of rich colours, energetic brushstrokes and the regard to the surface textures. By naming them “Emanation” the artist underlines the importance of the process of painting, the feeling for colour and shape gush and gradual development of a personal spiritual experience that has been aroused in spectator. While composing and setting up these sceneries the tradition of oil painting technique has been respected. The emphasis has been put on mechanical process of painting, meticulously adding layers of paint and playing with the tonal qualities while searching for the desired compositional effect. The colours are saturated, the tones are rhythmically repeated and the paint materiality palpable. Thus generated abstract sceneries are than being disrupted by the figural outlines through the process of scratching off the paint, consequently adding the new layer of references. These references are reconciling the abstraction of the painting with its added name. The spectator has been directed towards the signifiers derived from philosophical and esoteric experience of the humankind. The scenes of sea storms, eclipse, or twilight are being emanated. In this point the formal, symbolical and historical connections are being evident and the next step is consented to the spectator to further develop and shape according to its personal experience.
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